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Central College Nottingham Home Educated GCSE Courses 14-16

Central College Nottingham was one of the first colleges in the UK to offer a dedicated GCSE programme for pre-16 home educated students.

Following the success of this programme the college is extending its home education offer to include the following Continue reading

a few answers about how AEHEP will be run

I have some answers from the Association of Elective Home Education Professionals to the questions I posed here.

I was obviously hoping for a bit more detail, but this is what I have so far and being realistic I think it’s all I’m likely to get for quite a while. Continue reading


message from faregos exam centre about access arrangements

It is anticipated that the regulator will be increasingly strict in enforcing proof for access arrangements and this could have a particular impact on private candidates.

Some parents have spent over £500 on a long report from educational  psychologists, only for us to find that it lacked critical information and we have had to write endless letters to get this sorted. Continue reading

my first 20 blog posts

I started blogging a month ago. These are my first 20 blog posts Continue reading