New House of Commons Standard Note on Home Education

The House of Commons Library produces briefing notes for MPs and other interested parties. House of Commons research

Until recently, the last Standard Note on home education was April 2010.  April 2010 Standard Note 

On Friday February 27th 2015 –  the day after the launch of the Association of Elective Home Education Professionals at Westminster – the House of Commons published a new Standard Note

February 2015 Standard Note 

In a way it is odd that the Library has come up with a new paper on home education just before parliament closes down for the election period, but they may very well have done this because backbench MPs are being asked by constituents.

It is eminently sensible to have an up to date Note on home education, with all the detail of the outdated Badman recommendations stripped out.

Read a comparison between the 2 Notes here 

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