persistence pays off, getting DfE information changed

I’ve posted here and here about getting corrections to the House of Commons Note on Home Education and to the document on the Department for Education website which said school was compulsory.

This is another post on the theme of getting things straightened out with DfE.

Last Spring the Department for Education published a document which suggested that young people applying to college or 6th form would need to have Maths and English GCSE as a condition of their course being funded or else they would have to agree to take those GCSEs in the 6th form even though they already had the IGCSE qualification.

This could have caused a problem for home educated students who wouldn’t have GCSE English because of the issue of controlled assessments and for whom the IGCSE wouldn’t count.

Home educators went all round the houses at DfE trying to get this resolved. When this didn’t work,  parents wrote to their MPs asking for their concerns to be taken up with the relevant Minister. Graham Stuart MP Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Home Education also raised the matter with DfE.

Two letters ensued, one from Secretary of State Nicky Morgan and the other from Minister Nick Boles and I was able to upload these letters to my website for home educators to share with colleges and 6th forms in the event that they encountered any difficulties with IGCSEs.

The Nick Boles letter gave a further assurance that the DfE funding guidance would be updated and I am pleased to report that this has now happened. The DfE web 16-19 funding page page now includes “unregulated IGCSEs” Link

16-19 DfE Funding Maths and English

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