a few answers about how AEHEP will be run

I have some answers from the Association of Elective Home Education Professionals to the questions I posed here.

I was obviously hoping for a bit more detail, but this is what I have so far and being realistic I think it’s all I’m likely to get for quite a while.

The Association envisages in time that it will develop a website. The committee will meet 3 times a year. No date or location has been given for the next meeting of the committee. Information about who is on the committee will be made public as soon as all delegates have given their permission. This will be after the next meeting. The terms of reference are being amended and will be agreed at the next meeting. Notes will be agreed from the committee meetings. A person working in any capacity around home education for an LA can join the Association. If there were complaints about any member of the Association, these would go to the home LA and not the Association.

Read about the Association’s launch event here

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2 thoughts on “a few answers about how AEHEP will be run

    1. Fiona Nicholson Post author

      No idea! I must admit I didn’t think that was one of the questions that would cause any kind of issue. As I said in my first blog post about the launch “Each of the regional forums nominates 2 representatives to sit on the national committee, which was set to meet for the first time directly after the launch. Regional reps who were dispersed around the room then stood up and briefly introduced themselves. I didn’t catch all the names and will now ask for a list. The elected officers are Jenny Dodd, Chair, Dave Harvey Hampshire Vice Chair and Kevin Grant Bromley Secretary” https://edyourself.wordpress.com/2015/02/27/aehep-launch-post-1/



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