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internalising the values of the oppressor

There’s an argument doing the rounds in home education at the moment which says that the freedom enjoyed by “genuine” home educators is seriously threatened by the attitude shown by “the wrong sort of home educator” from whom real home educators should seek to distance themselves at the earliest opportunity. Continue reading

Not Just Because It Ran Out Of Time

I said  here that I don’t believe home educators escaped registration and monitoring in 2010 “just because the government ran out of time.”

I believe we would have been equally effective if the Government had got round to trying to change the law earlier in the parliamentary term. It’s true that certain elements were going to be ditched in order to get other things through. Continue reading

The Wash Up

I wrote  here about how the Government was forced to drop proposals for registration and monitoring of home education on April 7th 2010.

People tell me this was “only because it ran out of time” or “if it hadn’t been for the wash-up, all this would have become law”. In this scenario, all that a future government has to do is to get things started earlier.

I don’t believe it was just because the government ran out of time. Continue reading

Making a connection with your MP

These are some of the outcomes achieved by home educators from talking to their MPs

  • Mass presentation of petitions to parliament
  • Mass lobby of MPs
  • Setting up of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Home Education
  • Parliamentary events on various home education topics
  • Private members debate in parliament
  • MP visiting local groups
  • MP putting forward Early Day Motions in support of home education or against increased regulation
  • MP writing to the Secretary of State for Education on your behalf (it doesn’t matter which political party your MP is, all can do this)
  • Opposition MPs putting your questions to one of the party spokespeople for Education

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Compulsory School Age

A number of people wrote to me about the media using the term “compulsory school age” and saying it was compulsory for children to attend school from age 5 in connection with the Summer Born Campaign evidence given to the Education Committee, so I thought it was worth unpicking this a bit. Continue reading

Lancashire Model of Good Practice

The Lancashire elective home education [EHE] service has been radically transformed in the last few years. Lancashire has moved from being singled out in 2011 by Graham Stuart as “one of the most egregious examples” for home education services to being regarded as a model of good practice.

A number of local authorities have approached Lancashire for advice and support on how to
improve their own practice, and the Lancashire paperwork is used as a template.

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What’s New in the New HoC Note

The House of Commons Library produces briefing notes for MPs and other interested parties, and has come up with a new paper on home education just before parliament closes down for the election period. I am guessing they may have done this because home education is a topical issue with backbench MPs being asked by constituents.

Following from my last blog post, here is a quick comparison between the 2010 Note and the 2015 Note Continue reading