email I sent to schools in Barnsley

This is the email I sent yesterday to all schools in Barnsley (except special schools and the PRU)

“I am writing to enquire about the process at your school when a parent notifies you that a child is to be home educated and requests that the child’s name be deleted from the school roll.

The Pupil Registration Regulations state that the pupil’s name is to be removed from the admissions register if he has ceased to attend and the proprietor has received written notification from the parent that the pupil is receiving education other than at school. The Regulations go on to state that the proprietor shall make a return to the local authority as soon as the ground for deletion is met “and in any event no later than deleting the pupil’s name from the register.”

However, I note that Barnsley MBC’s Elective Home Education Policy advises schools to ignore the Pupil Registration Regulations and to keep the child’s name on roll.

I should therefore be very grateful if you could tell me whether you would do as the council asks or whether you would follow the law.

If you would consider keeping the child on roll even after the grounds for deletion had been met, please can you tell me whether the child would be expected to attend during this time and if not, how the register would be marked ie whether it would be classified as authorised absence or some other code.”

1 thought on “email I sent to schools in Barnsley

  1. Fiona Nicholson Post author

    Barnsley updated their policy in the school holidays. It now no longer says that schools should keep children on roll after parents think they have deregistered while the LA carries out checks. (“Policy Guidance for Schools, August 2015) via



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