a place to sit exams in November

At Faregos exam centre in Hampshire – run by home educators for home educators – you can sit CIE exams + GCSE maths in November. These are the only exams which centres can offer for November; the old ‘November retake’ sitting is no longer possible.

Home educators should also note that Ofqual stipulates for the GCSE maths sitting in November (intended by the Government as a retake/resit) the candidate MUST be 16. Of course this doesn’t apply to the summer exams where it is quite common for home educators to take these exams at a younger age.

If you are interested in the November sitting, please don’t leave it too late, email head@faregos.org

Faregos is near Fareham in Hampshire, postcode PO14 4AB.

Faregos will also be open for exams on Wednesday October 28th 2015 ONLY during half term, to enable candidates to sit IGCSE maths, Environmental Management, and Geography.

Faregos is also offering assessments for Access Arrangements. More information here, and again, please get in touch with the centre as soon as possible.

Background information about home education and exams here

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