Welsh home education consultation, my notes on Question 5

Parents feel let down by system while LAs seemingly feel not fair families can avoid visits.

The consultation on new home education guidance for Wales closes on Friday July 3rd.

Question 5: We have asked a number of specific questions. If you have any related issues which we have not specifically addressed, please use this space to report them.

Petition 2,000 + signatures, says draft guidance doesn’t reflect previously strongly stated views of home educating families.

Impression pre-consultation engagement largely about ‘feelings’ rather than facts.

Unquestioning assumption families need to be seen (& checked) every year (despite no basis in law) guidance therefore attempts to make families feel valued & understood (so they won’t mind the checks ???)

Pre-consultation survey (families) asked reasons home education + advantages/disadvantages, current advice & support from Local Authority, local approach, suggestions for new guidance.

Equality Impact Assessment says 354 parent survey written responses + 97 children responses, + 72 face to face interviews & 13 telephone interviews. 31% dissatisfaction school SEN provision.

LA survey written questions (not seen) + telephone interviews & meetings LA co-ordinators 1 to 1 + at forums. (Why no numbers provided for LA engagement ???)

LA engagement process flawed: infer mostly rehash complaints re obstacles annual monitoring. Frustratingly hit & miss examples good practice, lacking basic information for follow-up eg NO DETAIL WHATSOEVER 14-16 college funding or mechanism funding advocacy service, no urls/contact details. Link

Won’t help families who feel let down: 1/ schools & LAs won’t fund alternative provision (already massive shortfall EOTAS funding); 2/ school complaints process inadequate remedy/redress; 3/ nothing to stop schools continue illegal offrolling; 4/ Parent Partnership toothless + no funding for advocacy.

More Information

The Welsh Government is currently asking for views on new draft elective home education guidance. The consultation runs until July 3rd 2015.

My notes on Qs 1 & 2 + My notes on Qs 3 & 4

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My notes on Qs 1 & 2
My notes on Qs 3 & 4

Useful Links

    Welsh Government consultation web page (includes draft guidance, response form, children’s version now in pdf AND plain text, children’s rights impact assessment, and equality impact assessment)
    Draft guidance set out as web page
    Children’s version set out as web page

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