Sheffield College online Maths and English GCSEs September 2015

Message received from Sheffield College Online for home educators regarding online English and Maths GCSE courses starting in September 2015:

We are planning to have a class of home educated students on each of our online GCSE courses (English and Maths).

The College won’t be drawing down any government funding for the online GCSE English and Maths courses starting in September 2015.

Therefore, all students regardless of age and previous qualifications will be charged a fee – £330 for each course, reduced to £297 for payment in advance (10% discount).

Alternatively students may pay in three instalments – in advance, on 1 October and 1 November.

The course is NOT restricted to students living in and around Sheffield but for the English you have to be able to get to Sheffield for some parts of the exam and for the Maths you would normally be expected to sit the final exams at the College.

The exam board for GCSE English stipulates that all students must attend The Sheffield College for their controlled assessments and exams. Three attendances are required as a mimimum.

The exam board for GCSE Maths allows students to transfer to another exam centre in exceptional circumstances, for example disability or timetable clash. This will incur additional fees of £75 payable to The Sheffield College, together with any administration/invigilation fees charged by the transfer centre.

We are working our way through the waiting list and at this stage we are only able to take expressions of interest, via email –

Initially when the funding system changed, the course was FREE to home educated young people age 14-16, irrespective of where they lived, but last year it was massively oversubscribed following a new requirement for all students to have Maths and English GCSEs, and 14-16s were very low on the priority list.

These are 1 year courses. Some students use them as resit courses. You will have to take a literacy/numeracy assessment to check that you are working at the appropriate level for the course.

More about 14-16 funding

More about requirement for 16+ English and Maths 

Online English GCSE Sheffield College   See message foot of page “This is a full cost course.”

Online Maths GCSE Sheffield College  See message foot of page “This is a full cost course.”

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