Sam Martell IGCSE/GCSE Science Tuition Course

Sam’s existing students should all know this already but for everyone else …

Clare Patrick has joined Sam Martell’s Science Tuition  IGCSE and GCSE Courses for home educators.

Clare is a home educating parent and has a science and teaching degree.

Sam will be on holiday during July 2015, and cover will be provided by Clare.

Contact Clare with any queries or eg if you require work marked during July.

Emails to the info@sam address on the website will not be picked up during July.

Sam will be back in August.

sam and fanilysmall

2016-18 specification courses
CIE IGCSE Biology and Chemistry courses
Brand New Edexcel International GCSE Biology and Chemistry courses

GCSE Physics for both CIE and EDEXCEL
Double award Science IGCSE for both CIE and EDEXCEL

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