Lincolnshire home education policy consultation maybe it’s just me

I found out on June 19th that Lincolnshire Council was consulting on its home education policy because I have a google news feed set up for ‘home education’ which advises me of new web pages containing those terms.

I skimmed through the paperwork associated with the consultation straight away and noted the closing date of mid-day July 20th. I have been meaning to go back and look at it properly ever since but only just got round to it now.

Earlier this morning I googled ‘elective home education Lincolnshire’ and got to this page

I couldn’t find any mention of the consultation so I thought it must be on a different page.

I tried searching the Lincolnshire website for ‘home education’ and ‘consultation’ but still couldn’t find it.

I tried going OUT of the Lincolnshire council sit and googling ‘Lincolnshire elective home education consultation’. I found an interesting link for North Lincolnshire (different council altogether!) which I hadn’t seen before but still nothing for Lincolnshire itself

Finally I went back to my own social media posts and found the relevant link here

The consultation turns out to be under ‘Downloads’ from the main elective home education page.

Lincolnshire Home Education Policy Consultation Links
Main page
Draft policy
EHE information (June 2014)
Letter to parents about the consultation

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