ofsted home education stoke darlington and wiltshire

Reports have now been published for a further 3 local authorities under the new Ofsted home education guidance (April 2015).

Stoke on Trent (August 2015) was rated overall ‘requires improvement’.

The local authority has registered 151 children as electively home educated. Education support staff are proactive in encouraging families to register when they choose to educate their children at home. A small number of children are home educated while also accessing alternative provision. When parents register, the authority provides good guidance and support.

Darlington (September 2015) was rated overall ‘inadequate’

There are currently 79 elective home educated (EHE) children in Darlington. Reasons for elective home education are assessed and any patterns or trends are analysed. Of these 79 children, 67% are from the Gypsy or Roma traveller communities. The EHE worker, traveller health worker and traveller education service work in partnership to gain the trust of the Gypsy or Roma communities and provide services such as education materials, and advice on programmes as well as information about other educational opportunities. The local authority tracks the children when out of area and monitors their return at key times in the calendar. The authority recognises that their current tracking processes are insufficiently robust with regard to planned returns to the area by travelling families, and are amending their processes and checks to be more rigorous

Wiltshire (September 2015) was rated overall ‘requires improvement’

Oversight of elective home education is good. The local authority keeps clear and detailed records of the 355 children who are currently electively home educated and works effectively with families.

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