Primary Maths Challenge for Home Education

There is a yahoo group set up specifically for home educated children to be able to take part in the Primary Maths Challenge. Click here to join.

Zoe – who runs the home educators’ group says:

We have had home educated children taking part in the challenge for several years now and usually have several children get through to the finals in February.

Zoe makes a small charge to cover materials and postage, and the deadline for
completed entry forms and payments is October 12th. You will find all the information you need when you join the PMC-Home-Ed group.

The Primary Maths Challenge is a test with multiple-choice problems aimed at the top 60% of children age 10-11 (years 5 and 6 in school)

The challenge starts with 10 easy questions. Everyone who takes part gets a certificate and high scoring participants are invited to take part in the Bonus Round.

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