Ofsted home education Peterborough and Cheshire East

2 more children’s services safeguarding inspection reports were published by Ofsted in mid-September 2015.

Inspectors visited Peterborough in mid April whereas they didn’t visit Cheshire East till July. It’s not clear why the Peterborough report has taken so much longer to be released unless possibly there has been a disagreement behind the scenes about the findings or the verdict.


At the time of the inspection, 209 children were being electively home educated in Peterborough. The local authority offers a home visit and provides appropriate support where families need help.

The overall grade for Peterborough was “requires improvement”

Cheshire East

Children and young people who are electively home educated (EHE) and their carers are given appropriate advice and support through the oversight of a manager who has developed good relationships with schools, parents and the EHE community. There has been an increase from 150 in September 2014 to 215 currently known to be EHE. A small minority of these are known to social care. Helpful advice and guidance are provided to parents and 30 cases resulted in parents returning their children to mainstream education; this includes young people who were experiencing unsuitable education. Home visits are carried out by the EHE manager and letters are sent to encourage parents to accept advice and guidance at home.

The overall grade for Cheshire East was “requires improvement”

Ofsted issued new guidance about home education to inspectors in April 2015.

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