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survey home education and special needs closes end October 2015

My survey on home education and special needs closes midnight October 31st 2015.

There have been 162 responses so far. Over two thirds of parents cite the child’s unhappiness at school as a reason for home education, half say that anxiety prevented the child from attending school, and over a third said their child was not making progress at school or was being bullied.
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timescales for transferring statement to EHC Plan

I have been asking local authorities for the paperwork they send to parents when a child or young person is due to transfer from a statement to an Education Health and Care Plan. My request was specifically about home educated children but many councils have just provided their standard letters and forms which apply to ALL children and young people.
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more about when Universal Credit will affect your family

The North West of England has been taking claims for Universal Credit for longer than any other area. This region alone has over half the total current claims for UC and virtually all the Universal Credit claims from families. (Families includes lone parent households) Continue reading

Universal Credit JobCentres lone parent off Income Support youngest child reaches 5

Lone parents are not able to remain on Income Support after their youngest child reaches 5 unless there are other eligibility criteria for IS, and a proportion of single parents at this stage will make a claim for Jobseeker’s Allowance instead. I am happy to be corrected but it seems to me that in SOME cases this will result in a claim for Universal Credit rather than JSA. Continue reading