14-16 home educated free GCSE courses at TCCAT starting Jan 2016

Telford College of Arts and Technology in Shropshire is running free GCSE courses in ENGLISH, MATHS, SCIENCE and COMPUTING for home educated 14-16s starting in January 2016. Places are still available.


Courses will run for 18 months with final exams taken at the college in Summer 2017 (no extra charge for exams) The College supports all students with regards to access arrangements. Students can also apply from Wales as long as they are near the border and within what the Education Funding Agency calls normal recruitment/travel area.

All applicants will be invited for a tour and interview and will do a BKSB Literacy and Numeracy Assessment.

Students will have 3 hours of classes per week for each GCSE, and – subject to availability – can choose how many GCSEs they want to study. The college regrets it isn’t able to offer a mix of vocational and academic subjects for home educated 14-16s at this time

Maths: Foundation or Higher dependent on the student’s ability
English: AQA English GCSE
Science: AQA Science A, with 4 components covering units of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and an assessed practical investigation unit. There is a 1 hour written exam for each subject unit and the practical is completed during class time.

Email Hannah.smith@tcat.ac.uk or call 01952 642482.


http://edyourself.org/telford2015flier.pdf via

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