home educated children with education health and care plans

A very common scenario emerging from my ongoing survey of home education and special needs is where a home educated child has special needs but no statement or Education, Health and Care Plan [EHCP].

Parents are extremely doubtful that the child would be able to cope in school or college without additional support. Only 4% thought it would be easy to get an EHCP whilst they were home educating.


Amongst the home educating parents whose children do have a statement, the most frequent feeling is that there is very little benefit while the child is home educated but they will need it later if the child goes to school or college.

Parents frequently commented that it was a constant battle to get any support. Respondents said the drawback of having a statement was bureaucracy and intrusion, although as one parent also pointed out if your child is disabled, meetings and intrusions are the norm. (Only 1 respondent out of 98 said the LA had suggested ceasing the statement/EHCP.)

Set against this somewhat bleak picture, the survey has found 3 EHCPS completed from scratch for home educated children since the law changed in September 2014 and one of the new EHCPs has even brought a personal budget for home education. A further 5 home educated children in the survey who don’t have statements are currently going through the assessment process for a new EHCP. 26% of respondents are hoping for more from an EHCP than from a statement.

Out of the 98 parents who have responded so far, 29 said their child had a statement. Most look set to keep the statement for a while, as only a handful are currently being transferred to EHCPs. The majority of home educating parents don’t know when the transfer process will start or what it will entail.


I think they will want to do it all at the statement review meeting and convert the statement into a new Plan soon after: 6.85%
They’ll need to look at a lot of other areas now so I imagine it could take quite a while: 5.48%
I don’t really know what to expect: 42.47%

Read more about the new Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice as it applies to home educated children here

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