my local home education group has been meeting here since 1998

My local home education group has been meeting at Highfield Adventure Playground in Sheffield since 1998. I’ve voted to support a bid for a small grant for equipment and if anyone else would like to do the same here is how it works.

The link is here

This is the page you will see


The Register button is at the top right. When you click on it this is what you will see


Choose ‘Email’ rather than Facebook or Twitter
Fill in your personal details (you can unclick so that you don’t get further information)
You will get an email with a link for voting

If you don’t get taken straight back to the right page, you can find it through ‘Nominated Projects‘ by going to the drop down list from the ‘Community Awards’ tab across the top of the page.


Scroll down to Filter Nominated Projects. The default will be £25,000 so you need to change this on the drop down list to £5,000

The region is Yorkshire and Humberside and the category is Youth and Affiliated. It should look like this


The SYHEC website for my local group has a picture from the Playground on the home page



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