Ofsted safeguarding inspection Norfolk mentions home education

On October 20th Ofsted published its safeguarding inspection report for Norfolk.

This is what it says about home education:

There are well-established and robust processes for identifying and tracking […] those who are electively home educated.

The overall inspection grade for Norfolk is “inadequate”.

Ofsted issued new guidance on home education to its inspectors in April 2015.




2 thoughts on “Ofsted safeguarding inspection Norfolk mentions home education

  1. Karan mckerrow

    As a home educator in Norfolk,I have read this report but have clearly missed the important bit, sorry about having to spoon feed me could you give me the page reference please? Thanks


    1. Fiona Nicholson Post author

      Ofsted safeguarding inspectors consider an authority’s arrangements for home education as part of a broader look at children missing education. Up till Easter, inspection reports often said grim things about home ed monitoring and visits. SINCE Easter, Ofsted inspectors have been supposed to take a different tack. A summary of the new guidance was provided here https://edyourself.wordpress.com/2015/04/02/ofsted-new-guidance-about-home-education-to-inspectors/ I like to check that inspectors haven’t reverted to their old ways. In the new Norfolk inspection, home ed is just mentioned in passing. Norfolk’s low grade overall is to do with shortcomings in relation to looked after children, as far as I can see. So the important bit is that there is nothing cringe-making in there about home education. Does that make it any clearer?



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