what parents are saying about home education, special needs, and local authorities

Quotes – with permission – from my ongoing survey of home education and special needs (closes end October 2015)

The LA are lovely! The support we receive is amazing, kind and encouraging.

The SEN review officer does not have any clue about home education and how to adapt wording. She is rude and cannot bear to listen to anything we have to say. The review process takes a lot of my time for no benefit. My child gets anxious (many negative repercussions of that) and got so distressed at last years meeting that will not attend this years

Once you are home educating a child with SEN with no statement/EHCP it is almost impossible to get them back into the school system, all the schools refuse him saying they cant meet his special needs – Fair Access team are trying to find him a place somewhere locally – it’s very difficult

I could not face the whole statementing process at a time when I and my son had been broken by the school system and this was partly the reason he was removed.

They [the local authority] want a timetable

I was bullied and threatened with court [when I was taking my child out of school to home educate] even though I did everything I had to legally.

Council arranged visit from an ‘adviser’ who told me he couldn’t advise

I had been told if he were to be statemented or his condition recognised when at school then I would have had a battle to withdraw him

Our CAMHS wont diagnose ASD/ADHD if there is not a school report. I cannot get any support for him at home and am finding it very difficult to get him back in to school too.


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