survey home education and special needs closes end October 2015

My survey on home education and special needs closes midnight October 31st 2015.

There have been 162 responses so far. Over two thirds of parents cite the child’s unhappiness at school as a reason for home education, half say that anxiety prevented the child from attending school, and over a third said their child was not making progress at school or was being bullied.


We’ve had to seek private reports to support our case even though the LA had out of date reports. They close the doors and don’t communicate in disputes. Continually breach deadlines.

The school would have been dangerous for my son who is very vulnerable, I was rather pressured by LA to say we were EHE.

I would love to see the plan process improved!

School never considered a statement for my child until 2 weeks before started HE, when school realised son was nor coping. He has ASD, SPD, and learning difficulties

One of the reasons for choosing home ed is that I just don’t want my child to see me fighting all the time. Ultimately I feel very let down both by central and local government. The effect that me not being able to work has on our family’s prospects is heartbreaking, and there seems to be absolutely no regard for the bigger picture.

What I and my son have been through in the last 4 years is nothing short of torture and abuse

We were forced to EHE because support on statement not provided after funding cuts and child’s mental health damaged , school refusal not recorded by school and LA refused change of school from mainstream to special due to ‘good progress’


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