Home Educated 14-16s at New College Swindon

New College Swindon currently has around 60 home educated 14-16s.

All the courses mentioned here are free


For home educated young people in Y10 the College still has a few places for courses starting in January 2016, but otherwise applications are being taken for the academic year 2016-17 ie starting in September 2016.

You can fill out the contact form on the website http://www.newcollege.ac.uk/contact-us  or call 01793 611470 (extn 6700) to arrange an appointment with the pre-16 team.

The 14-16 link is here http://www.newcollege.ac.uk/pre-16

Most GCSE courses are 1 year but there is the possibility of a 2 year English GCSE course for under-16s which some students find less intensive.

Home educated students have access to 1:1 support and some small group teaching in core subjects.

For home educated 14-16s the minimum number of subjects is 3 and the maximum is 5.

This can be a cross-section of academic and vocational qualifications such as BTEC L2, GCSE English, GCSE Science, or Functional Skills maths.

Home educated students are not in separate classes, the places are “in-fill”.

Students will have an initial assessment to see what level they are working at. Additional learning needs assessments and access arrangements are put into place as and when required.

This is what the College says: http://www.newcollege.ac.uk/content/home-educating-considering-college

“We aim to construct a bespoke study programme which builds on students’ prior learning and interests. All programmes include Maths and English GCSE or equivalents, unless the student has already obtained a Grade C or above at GCSE in each subject. Exceptions are made if the student is studying these subjects at home or with another provider. However, New College Swindon would ask for proof of this in order to support current Government expectations.

“As the parent retains responsibility for the child, the College does not legally have to make special arrangements for pastoral care or offer a full curriculum. However, at New College we provide a strong level of pastoral support and our elective home educated students are part of specific Pre 16 tutor groups. These tutor groups have a bespoke schedule which takes into account the student’s backgrounds and is student led.”

What do our Students Say?

India Ryder

Textiles NCFE, Cooking, GCSE Maths & English

“I really enjoy making extraordinary things for my Textiles course. I look forward to every class and my teacher is really warm and friendly. I really love being part of the College and it’s great to feel included in things.”

Ryan Kendrick

AS Computing, AS Electronics and GCSE Media

“I feel very passionate about the courses I’m studying. New College has enabled me to do my A Levels at 14 years old. This is something I would not have been able to do anywhere else. I hope to study Computer Science at university. After university I would like to become a Software Engineer. I came to New College because no other school would let me do my A Levels early.”


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