Torbay Ofsted report (inadequate) mentions home education

The Ofsted safeguarding inspection report on Torbay  has just been published. The overall grade is inadequate. 

Home education appears in the section entitled  “The experiences and progress of children who need help and protection”.

Ofsted published guidance on home education for inspectors earlier in the year. A number of inspectors involved with Torbay seem to be new

A high number of children (137) receive elective home education. This is an increase from the 99 recorded in 2013 – 14. The progress of children receiving elective home education is monitored by the elective home education officer to ensure that children receive a suitable education. The virtual school head teacher also maintains an overview of these arrangements, including home visits.

This is what Ofsted told its inspectorsInspectionAdviceNoteElectiveHomeEducation

3 thoughts on “Torbay Ofsted report (inadequate) mentions home education

  1. Phoenix

    “However, home educated children are not, by definition, all in need of protection and help” needs rephrasing as it seems to imply that a sizeable number does. Perhaps, I’m just being finicky.


    1. Fiona Nicholson Post author

      I think it has to be seen in context. The safeguarding inspections are about how the council caters for children in need of help and/or protection, and what I understand Ofsted to be saying is “don’t lump all home educated children in that category just because they are home educated.” Does that make sense?


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