On Wednesday January 20th 2016 Sir Edward Leigh MP has secured a debate in Westminster Hall  on the proposed regulation of out-of-school education settings. It starts at 9.30. The Parliament TV link is here   can be used for writing to MPs

I have dissected the Government’s proposals here


In a phone-in to LBC, Sir Michael Wilshaw from Ofsted answered questions about classes run by churches and religions groups

Sir Michael Wilshaw, the Chief Inspector of Education, yesterday faced hostile questions on a radio phone-in over the government’s proposals to allow Ofsted inspectors into out-of-school settings. The suggestion follows warnings that a small number of Muslim madrassas have been involved in radicalising young children.

However Wilshaw confirmed fears that Sunday schools could also face Ofsted inspections under the new regulations.

“If churches and religious groups want to run out of school classes then they need to register so the country and the Department of Education knows they are run properly,” said Wilshaw in an interview with LBC radio yesterday.

Christian Today Link

The Daily Telegraph recently published a letter from 4 Conservative MPs


On Sunday January 17th the Sunday Telegraph reported that up to 20 Tory MPs will meet with Sir Michael, and Nicky Morgan, the Education secretary on Tuesday January 19th  to express their concerns.

It is not the first time that Sir Edward Leigh has entered the fray with regard to Ofsted and faith schools, for example this debate from March 2015 

Full time independent  schools are now required to actively promote “Fundamental British Values” although the Government is saying that this will not be demanded of part-time settings






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