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Ofsted teenage pregnancy home education etc

In January I listed all the Ofsted reports between April 2015 (new home education guidance) and January 2016

The latest batch of reports are better, from the home education point of view in that either home education is not mentioned or it is neutral. The only exception is the report for Middlesbrough where home education is bizarrely juxtaposed with the teenage pregnancy rate. Continue reading

Home Education Birmingham Scrutiny Committee

Education and Vulnerable Children Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 20 January 2016 (Wed, 20th Jan 2016 – 2:00 pm)

My scribbled notes (NOT a transcript)  Continue reading

NSPCC home education meeting: my social media

As many home educators will be aware, the NSPCC hosted a roundtable discussion in the early New Year on the topic of home education and safeguarding. There is a hold-up in the publication of the final notes. Continue reading

Nicky Morgan says clampdown article referred to tuition centres

Today, Randall has published on his blog a letter from Nicky Morgan to Owen Paterson MP where the Secretary of State says “The article in The Independent to which Mr and Mrs Hardy refer centres on the risk posed by some tuition centres and part-time settings which offer services to parents who educate their children at home.”

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