10 Reasons to be a Trustee of Education Otherwise

Nobody wants to read my helpful guide on how to become a Trustee of Education Otherwise, which makes it even less popular than my nit-picking posts about the draft Welsh Guidance.

I was asked why anyone would want to be a Trustee.

Here are 10 reasons

  1. EO has helped you and you want to give something back 
  2. You have a special area of expertise or experience which you think would be useful to EO eg website design or accounts
  3. You always sort of felt you should volunteer for something but you’ve been too busy before 
  4. EO hasn’t really been able to help you or anyone you know but that’s because there aren’t enough volunteers
  5. You are curious about what’s been happening  behind the scenes in EO 
  6. You think being a Trustee will be good for your CV 
  7. You think being a Trustee will make you look respectable/untouchable to your local council 
  8. You know someone who is a Trustee and they asked you as a favour to make up the numbers and swore blind that you you wouldn’t really have to do anything 
  9. You have A Vision for EO and you’d like to make The Vision work but if it can’t work then EO should be wound up 
  10. You think if YOU don’t do anything then a small group could just take over EO and that would be bad for home education because…


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