Monthly Archives: March 2016

Consultation on Regulating Part Time Education in Wales

Part time independent education settings operating in Wales, variously known as supplementary schools, complementary schools, tuition centres, learning centres, part-time schools, or learning clubs, are not currently required to register because they do not meet the independent schools criteria.

The Welsh Government wants this to change and for there to be “a proportionate system of oversight.” This is NOT about regulating home education. There is a consultation running until April 5th 2016. Continue reading

How Organising Home Education Events Can Affect Your Benefits

Many home educators arrange events, clubs and groups to support their children’s learning within the home education community.

‘Voluntary Work’

If you home educate and volunteer to organise trips and education sessions for home educators in your community, you are in fact ‘doing voluntary work’ even if that’s not how you think of it.

You are perfectly entitled to do voluntary work while you are on benefits but there are a couple of things you need to bear in mind. (The third aspect to volunteering while on benefits which I am not covering at all here is where you are working without getting paid but anyone else doing the job would in fact be paid.)  Continue reading