Ofsted Inspections March 2016

These are the Ofsted safeguarding inspection reports mentioning home education in the second half of March 2016 (plus Dudley in early April)

Currently 54 children are home educated. Good arrangements assist monitoring of the quality of the education and ensure that safeguarding is considered. Health professionals and children’s social care undertake risk assessments of the small minority of families that are reluctant to engage with the service

Westminster  (Tri-borough)
Local authority staff work effectively with parents who choose to educate their children at home. A designated adviser promptly contacts families, ensuring that effective action is taken to assess the suitability and quality of children’s education in these circumstances. The majority of families engage well with the local authority, which also carefully liaises, as necessary, with other council departments to promote children’s welfare.

Hammersmith and Fulham (Tri-borough)
Reasons for elective home education (EHE) are carefully scrutinised and action is taken to safeguard children if necessary. The number of electively home-educated children was 65 in the autumn term 2015.

Kensington and Chelsea (Tri-borough)
The ACE team works well in establishing working relationships with families who opt for home education, and almost all accept a visit to ensure that children’s work is of an appropriate standard. At the time of the inspection, 36 children were electively home educated, half of whom were previously attending school. Only once in the last three years has recourse to attendance proceedings been necessary.

Parents who choose to, or are thinking about, electively home educating their children are given up-to-date information. This covers, for example curriculum guidance as well as information about parents’ obligations and the action the local authority may take if it is not satisfied that children are being appropriately educated. The local authority also maintains, as best as it is able, a current list of children who are being home educated. The local authority recognises that parents are not under any legal obligation to notify it if their children are home educated and that some parents prefer to avoid all contact with the local authority.



The local authority has processes in place for identifying and tracking children and young people missing education and elective home education (EHE) and maintains up-to-date records. Effective action is in place to locate children and young people who have not taken up their school places or who are no longer accessing education. A range of checks are completed to establish the whereabouts of children and young people. These include contact with schools, home visits and checks with other agencies. Currently, 47 children and young people are known to be in the borough waiting to be placed in education provision. Nine children and young people are on a reduced timetable, a very small number are considered to be missing from education and 197 are being educated at home.

Home Education Quotes from Inspection Reports

June 2015 to January 2016 (Brighton, Salford, Nottinghamshire, Sunderland, Kingston on Thames, Stoke on Trent, Darlington, Wiltshire, Peterborough, Cheshire East, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Lancashire, Medway, Brent, Torbay, Wokingham)
January February 2016 (Suffolk, Slough, Wandsworth, Cheshire West and Chester, Middlesbrough)  Lewisham and West Sussex 2016




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