Parents Feedback to Ofsted SEND Brighton May 2016

I blogged recently  about the upcoming Ofsted and CQC special educational needs and disability [SEND] inspections. NB these are quite SEPARATE from Ofsted’s safeguarding inspections.

Brighton and Hove’s SEND inspection visit will take place from Monday May 23rd to Friday May 27th. Amaze Brighton has posted about it here 

This is Ofsted’s letter


There will be an online webinar from 6.30 to 7.30 pm on Wednesday 25th May 2016 to allow parents and carers to give feedback. You have to register in advance for the webinar and it is also advisable to check your software for updates and compatibility.



Ofsted’s Sean Harford has the following advice for parents unable to take part in the webinar:

“write down your points + send them to the lead inspector. Or call Ofsted and request a call with lead inspector”



4 thoughts on “Parents Feedback to Ofsted SEND Brighton May 2016

  1. Anthea

    Have you seen this? The report is skewed to be as alarmist and anti-home ed as possible. The report also makes a false link between illegal schools and home ed. Also, check out the quotation with which the report closes. The implication is clear.


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