Ofsted safeguarding inspection reports June 2016

On Monday June 27th Ofsted published 4 local authority safeguarding inspection reports. All 4 mentioned home education. (Read  Ofsted’s guidance on home education to inspectors here)

Currently, 88 children are registered with the local authority as being electively home educated, and 54 children are being educated in medical facilities or at home due to ongoing medical conditions. The arrangements to support these families are thorough. All families who are registered receive an annual welfare visit from staff, and the authority offers a range of additional support, including online curriculum resources and exam venues. Overall grade requires improvement

The local authority has a good understanding of the reasons why parents choose to home educate their children, and holds good information on children’s individual circumstances. A multi-agency panel oversees elective home education (EHE). There is effective work between the children missing education officer and the EHE adviser. The adviser undertakes routine home visits and checks on the suitability of the education of the vast majority of children. Effective working with the MASH team and children’s social care ensures that children’s welfare needs are known. Those children moving into Year 11 after being home educated receive effective help on their next steps from the targeted youth support service.                                                                                                                               Overall grade inadequate

A high number of children (529) are electively home educated in Cornwall. The local authority is aware of parents’ reasons for choosing this option and the virtual headteacher maintains a close overview through effective analysis of information from home visits. Where additional needs are identified, appropriate liaison with other agencies is carried out. Outcome data is not yet collected for children electively home educated. Consequently, the local authority does not know the numbers who progress into post-16 education provision or become not in education, employment or training.
Overall grade good

Isles of Scilly
Home education is rare. Where parents opt to educate their children at home, the local authority offers the right level of information, support and oversight.                            Overall grade not given 








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