How to find local authority statements not transferred to Plans

Last week I made a web page of facts and figures about special educational needs in England taken from the Government’s Statistical First Release issued at the end of May. One of the things I looked at was progress in transferring statements to Education Health and Care Plans and noted that in some local authority areas, more statements have been ceased at the point of transfer than have been successfully transferred to EHCPs. This is how I worked it out.

Click on the Main Tables which are available via this page and then click through to Table 10 which initially looks like this.


There is probably a less clunky to do this, but what I then did was to select page 10 and copy and paste it into a new spreadsheet. I shifted the label at the top to the right, and then deleted all the columns before the LA names. I also deleted the percentage (3) column and all the “Experimental Statistics (4) column. I also opted to stretch the “Children and young people with statements assessed and decision made not to issue EHC plan” column to make it wider.

Moving on to the rows, I deleted the empty rows plus the regional headings (NORTH EAST etc).


Then I highlighted the column “Children and young people with statements assessed and decision made not to issue EHC plan” and clicked on “Data” “Sort” “Descending”. When asked if I wanted to extend the selection I clicked yes. This gave me the LAs with the highest number of statements NOT converted to EHCPs, and it also made it easy to compare the number of statements transferred against the number of statements ceased before transfer. NB, DfE rounds up/down in 5s.


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