Nicky Morgan Further Proposals Children Withdrawn For Home Education

On Monday July 4th the then Secretary of State Nicky Morgan mentioned “further proposals” in relation to home education.

The exchange can be found here 

Mark Pawsey (Rugby) (Con)                                                                                                                    I was rather surprised to find that the number of children being home schooled in Warwickshire had trebled over the past three years. There are 452 such pupils in the current year. Will Secretary of State tell us what provisions exist to ensure that such children get a full and rounded education?

Nicky Morgan
We have already made it clear that we want to know more about what is happening to children who are home educated. The majority will be educated extremely well, but we believe that there is more to do on this. We also want local authorities to know when children are being withdrawn from schools in order to be home educated, and I expect further proposals to follow.

Further Proposals

The reference to “further proposals” concerns reform of the Pupil Registration Regulations which I have dissected here.

These proposals appeared in January 2016  and were intended to take effect from September 2016 but because of the EU referendum everything has been delayed and there may not be time for Parliament to look at the amended regulations before the Summer recess.

What is being proposed is that all schools (including independent schools) would be required to inform their LA in every circumstance when they are about to delete a pupil’s name from the admission register; inform their LA of the pupil’s destination school and home address if the pupil is moving to a new school (where they can reasonably obtain this information); and also inform their LA of all new pupils, including the pupil’s address and previous school (again where they can reasonably obtain this information).

The initiative has been prompted by this letter from Sir Michael Wilshaw, Ofsted which said: Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI) have become aware of potentially high numbers of pupils whose names are being deleted from school admissions registers without either the schools or the local authorities having an accurate understanding of where those pupils have gone…. While schools and local authorities were, in the main, complying with their statutory duties, HMI found:inconsistent practices for recording and reporting cases where children are removed from the school; poor communication and coordination between schools and local authorities on individual cases; and inadequate systems for identifying and tracking pupils who leave independent schools.

The consultation web page  currently says “We are analysing your feedback. Visit this page again soon to download the outcome to this public feedback.” 


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