14-16 Home Ed Courses at Myerscough College

Message for home educators from Laura Wallace at Myerscough College Lancashire, including details of NEW 14-16 English and Maths GCSE course at the Blackburn Campus. Please get in touch ASAP about these courses. (Information about 14-16 home educated college funding here )

“Our 14-16 prospectus has a dedicated section aimed at Home Educated Young People and their parents so this is a good starting point for families that are interested in our provision.

Our courses are aimed at students who have reached their 14th birthday by 31stAugust 2016 but are not at statutory school leaving age. We will consider slightly younger children but they need to have only just missed this August cut off point, again we can accommodate slightly older children who are still being Home Educated under our normal FE funding.

All accredited courses are fully funded for Home Educated young people and we can build personalised programmes for them. In occasional circumstances we will consider Home Educated Year 11 students for our full time programmes but usually we expect these students to access our dedicated 14-16 provision on one or more days. Students that meet the qualifying criteria also have access to the post 16 college bursary fund.

We are happy to work with the families of students with additional needs and if we can accommodate them then we will. Accessing specific support for these students is extremely difficult and we cannot allow family members to support in an academic setting so we will only make offers for students who we feel we can meet the needs of at pre-16. Access to funds changes at 16 so it does not follow that students who we cannot meet the needs at pre 16 will meet the same issues as a post 16 applicant.

Students must have a specific interest in the area they are applying for, we will not accept students who we believe have applications in just to meet the minimum requirements of Home Education and are not enthusiastic about the course area. This is especially true of our English and maths offer. We do not expected these sessions to be the highlight of their week but the course is very intense and requires high attendance, dedication and work outside of college. Students who are not self-motivated will not be accepted onto this programme.

These are the spaces still available at each of our North West Sites


Level One Photography – Wednesday 9.30-2.30

Level One Practical Landscape Construction and Garden Design –Wednesday 9.30-2.30

Level One Agriculture – Wednesday 9.30-2.30

GCSE English and Maths (limited availability) – Thursday 9.30-4pm

Level One Functional Skills English and Maths and Level One Employability Skills – Thursday 9.30-4pm

Range of entry level courses in vocational subjects and functional skills – day depends on course, usually 9.30-4pm

Full time entry level and level one courses for year 11 students (full time usually between 3 ½ and 4 days)

Witton Park Blackburn

NEW – GCSE English and maths – Wednesday 9.30-4pm. Delivery will either be alongside post 16 students or as an independent cohort depending on interest.

Level One Animal Care full time – year 11 only

Croxteth Park Liverpool

Entry Level Animal Care – Thursday 9.30-2.30pm

GCSE English and maths – infill with full time learners

Full time entry level and level one courses for year 11 students (full time usually between 3 ½ and 4 days)

I am happy to go out to speak to Home Ed groups that have students in the right age range. I am quite flexible in what I can offer and already next year have a number of Home Ed students on highly bespoke timetables.”

Myerscough College  Laura Wallace 14-19 Co-Ordinator Tel: 01995 642222 Ext: 2593 lwallace@myerscough.ac.uk            http://www.myerscough.ac.uk/


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