Ofsted safeguarding inspections September 2016

All 4 recent Ofsted safeguarding reports – Hackney now added – mention home education. (Read  Ofsted’s guidance on home education to inspectors here)

Comprehensive systems are in place for tracking and monitoring the number of children and young people who are home educated. At the time of inspection, there were 163 children and young people being home educated, 59 of primary school age and 104 of secondary school age. Staff support many home educated children’s return to the formal education sector. In 2015−16, of the 60 cases of children who ceased to be home educated, 49 returned to school, seven moved out of the area, and four were formally referred on as children missing from education.
Overall grade requires improvement


City of London
Very few children are electively home educated in the City of London. For those children who are, good arrangements are in place to monitor their progress, in cooperation with their parents. (Only 1090 children in the borough altogether)
Overall grade good


Parents who elect to educate their children at home can access support, and the local authority has appropriate procedures to check on the welfare and education of children. When concerns for children’s welfare are identified, they are quickly escalated to the right agencies for appropriate further action. In the most recent academic year, as a result of these efforts, seven children were identified as children in need and one child was placed on a child protection plan.
Overall grade inadequate


Hackney                                                                                                                                                    The local authority has a clear and detailed knowledge of whether children are missing from education. Local authority staff go to great lengths to identify and investigate children who are missing education and use data well to understand the key issues and monitor progress of these investigations. They also respond immediately to evidence about safeguarding issues for children missing education and involve children, families and the local authority designated officer well. The local authority robustly monitors referrals for elective home education and those children being home educated. They constantly push the boundaries of their statutory authority to work extremely well and ensure that children have the education they need.                                                                                                                   Overall grade good







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