Ofsted LAs Home Education November 2016

Inspection reports were published by Ofsted for 4 local authorities on November 25th 2016. Home education was mentioned in all reports.

Birmingham (still rated inadequate) 

Elective home education (EHE) data is now also secure, a significant improvement realised since June 2016. Relatively high numbers (894) are closely monitored and now carefully analysed to identify any trends, concerns and issues arising from local areas, schools and communities. Schools are aware of their duties and complete the appropriate referral forms for children they identify as being at risk. Children they identify as being subject to a CAF, child protection and children in need plans are now alerted to the authority through the referral process. Managers and local schools are working closely with representative EHE families to improve and increase provision for this cohort of children and, more specifically, to raise awareness and concerns regarding safeguarding issues.

Kirklees rated inadequate

During 2016, the board also recognised the need to improve its oversight of children missing education, of children who are home educated and of unregulated schools … 

[See KSCB No Child Out of Sight Task and Finish Group

Redbridge rated good 

Good arrangements are in place to support children who are known to be electively home educated. The authority is vigilant in registering those families who are educating their children at home so that they can offer to visit families and provide appropriate support.


Milton Keynes   rated requires improvement

Changes in the spring of 2016 in the arrangements to identify and track children missing education, and to monitor electively home-educated (EHE) children, have promoted better communication and more effective joint working between the local authority, schools and other agencies. The children missing education team works closely with the virtual school and the case holding social work teams. By the end of September 2016, 25 children missing education were recorded, compared to 30 during the same period in 2015. Recording systems are sound. Effective systems are in place to identify and quickly track the location of children missing education. The number of children who were electively home educated was 200 at the time of inspection. The children missing education team has been challenging schools and parents to consider maintaining children in mainstream education, with some success, resulting in a reduction in the number of children withdrawn from schools to EHE during April and July this year, to 46, in comparison to 70 in the same period last year. A team of specialist teachers visits the majority of EHE children at least on an annual basis. The children missing education team has no evidence that any EHE children in the area are attending unregistered schools.


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