Ofsted home education in reports Feb 2017

Ofsted published inspection reports for 9 LAs between December 2016 and February 2017: South Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, Rutland, East Riding, Sutton, York, Worcestershire, Havering and Tameside.

All except 2 (which were both rated GOOD) mentioned home education. NB Ofsted’s home education guidance to inspectors has NOT CHANGED from April 2015, despite references in inspection reports to “home visits”  “monitoring” “curriculum” etc


South Gloucestershire

At the time of the inspection, 209 children were receiving elective home education. Of these, 15 have special educational needs. None are children looked after. Home visits are undertaken at least once a year, and children are spoken to and their progress is carefully monitored. The local authority holds an up-to-date register of these children and their families. A safeguarding officer follows up any safeguarding concerns. However, information about what the children do once they have completed the statutory phase of their education is not systematically collected.                                                                     INADEQUATE 



Some 370 children are currently electively home educated. In these instances, local authority staff conduct monitoring visits or make contact by telephone, to ensure that parents are providing appropriate educational activity. Managers liaise with the school admissions and social care teams to identify and prioritise visits to families that may be considered vulnerable.                                                                                                              REQUIRES IMPROVEMENT 


The local authority has appropriate procedures in place to check on the welfare and education of children whose parents elect to educate them at home. There are no children looked after or children who have disabilities who are home educated. Parents of all currently home-educated children agree to annual visits from local authority staff who check the appropriateness of the curriculum.                                                                      REQUIRES IMPROVEMENT 

East Riding

The local authority is in touch with all of the 212 children who are currently electively home educated. Monitoring of how well children progress in their learning and whether they are safe is effective and is supported by home visits to children and their parents.                          GOOD 



Good procedures and practices ensure that children who are home educated are visited and offered further support through a range of resources that are signposted by the local authority to enhance further the learning experiences of this group of children.                        INADEQUATE


The local authority monitors effectively those children who are electively home educated. Specialist staff provide good advice and guidance and clearly record the details of each case  REQUIRES IMPROVEMENT


Staff are persistent and determined in their efforts to identify the whereabouts of children missing education and evidence their efforts to identify, track and work with these children and those families that choose to provide elective home education. Staff work effectively to engage families that choose to educate their children at home, visiting the majority of children to assess the suitability of the education that they are receiving. In one case, sampled staff had successfully brokered work experience and support from CAMHS to improve the child’s self-esteem and had successfully developed the child’s career aspirations.                                                                                                                                                   INADEQUATE



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