Home Ed 14-16 Central and New College Nottingham 2017-18

For home educators, Central College and New College Nottingham offer the following free courses starting in September 2017 

  1. Special home ed 14-16 GCSE classes (only home ed in class)

  2. INFILL to other college courses with non home ed students (also quite likely older than 16)  and

  3. PRE-GCSE home ed classes (only home ed in class)

Applicants for places on any of the above courses need to fill out an application form (details below) complete an online English and maths assessment and have interview with the curriculum team.

Many classes will be at the campus in the city (rather than out at Beeston) but do check with the college

The contact person is Jo Edgerton  0115 8842103  or 07843 340104 joanna.edgerton@centralnottingham.ac.uk

GCSE Programme

This one year programme is for Year 10 – 11 students who are ready to undertake a GCSEprogramme (determined by an initial assessment).

  • GCSE English
  • GCSE Double Science
  • GCSE Maths
  • GCSE Psychology
  • GCSE History
  • GCSE Sociology

Here is the link page for further details about subjects and levels


Scroll down the page and click where it says APPLY NOW to get a pdf of the home ed application form

NB infill placements are usually VOCATIONAL,  and generally include English and maths at whatever level is appropriate for the student.

Funding information etc here http://edyourself.org/articles/14-16collegeFAQ.php 



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