Home ed 14-16s Telford College Arts Technology Sep 2017

Telford College of Arts and Technology in Shropshire is looking at offering free courses exclusively for home educated 14-16s, with GCSEs or Functional Skills in ENGLISH and MATHS (and potentially Science and IT)
Applicants must be 14 years old by 31st August 2017.
If this is something you might be interested in please get in touch with the college sooner rather than later, as they do need to know they have a minimum number to make the course viable.
In addition, for VOCATIONAL subjects, home educated young people who are 15 August 31st 2017 can be considered for infill (ie go into a class with school leavers, not a special home ed class) where they can access their English and maths GCSEs or Functional Skills based on their ability.
The college supports all students with regards to access arrangements. Students can also apply from Wales as long as they are near the border and within what the Education Funding Agency calls normal recruitment/travel area.
All applicants will be invited for a tour and interview and will do a BKSB Literacy and Numeracy Assessment.
Email Hannah.smith@tcat.ac.uk or call 01952 642482

Background information about funding and rules for 14-16 home educated college funding http://edyourself.org/articles/14-16collegeFAQ.php


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