Lewisham Southwark College free 14+ home ed GCSE course Sep 2017

Home educators in London and adjacent areas: are you interested in getting your English language (and/or maths, IT, science) GCSEs free in Lewisham? Please express your interest by Friday May 26th 2017 (see below) 

Starting in September 2017, Juliette Grassby-Lewis, a former home-educator who teaches at Lewisham and Southwark college, is looking to set up a special GCSE English class just for home educated young people – minimum age 14 – at the main campus on Lewisham Way [MAP LINK]

This would be a 1 year course, starting in September 2017 and sitting exams in June 2018. (It would NOT be a resit course)

If you sign up for the course everything is taken care of; you won’t need to try and find an exam centre as all exams are taken at the college, and all course fees and exams are FREE.

More details about home educated 14-16 college funding from the Education Funding Agency here http://edyourself.org/articles/14-16collegeFAQ.php

There could also be an opportunity for home educated young people age 14 and over to join mixed classes for maths, IT and/or science. These courses would be in a special department with keen international learners, not just a students needing resits. Again, all course fees and exams would be FREE

There will be a minimum level required in literacy and numeracy which will be assessed prior to starting the course.

The college is also able to help with   access arrangements   but please be aware that substantial advance notice is required.

If these courses are something you might be interested in, please get in touch with Juliette by 5pm on Friday May 26th   so that a group meeting with the families can be scheduled for June



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