New home ed 14-16 courses Macclesfield College

I have received the following message from Rachel Smith Director of Pastoral and Academic Progress at Macclesfield College:

At the moment, home educated young people age 14-16 can join 16+ classes at Macclesfield College on an infill basis for maths and English.

However, if we can recruit a sufficient number of home educated 14-16s we would like to run home ed only classes starting in September 2017.

We are hoping to offer a day a week of Maths and English plus vocational tasters in a variety of subjects. The day currently looks likely to be Friday.

The probability is that we will be offering a 2 year programme and students will begin with functional skills and move onto GCSE work.

Classes and exams would be FREE.  Details about Government funding here

If this is something you might be interested in, please contact Rachel as soon as possible

01625 410000 ext 514



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