Ofsted home education quotes September 2017

These are Ofsted children’s services inspection links for September 2017 mentioning home education.

CROYDON 06/09/17                                                                                                                        Children who are electively home educated (EHE) are well monitored. The EHE officer ensures that all families who are considering EHE are offered and receive home visits or face-to-face meetings. The EHE officer contacts a wide range of appropriate agencies to identify any potential risks to children whose parents do not engage.


Overall grade Inadequate

NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE 06/09/17                                                                                                 Home education not mentioned in report


Overall grade Outstanding

WALSALL  06/09/17                                                                                                                       Good arrangements are in place to monitor children who are electively home educated and those who go missing from education. The designated teacher is in contact with all of the families of children who are electively home educated and carries out regular and comprehensive reviews to track each child’s progress. A new Fair Access panel ensures that school placements are found quickly and children experience smooth transitions. 


Overall grade Requires Improvement

LEICESTER CITY  06/09/17                                                                                                         At the time of the inspection, increasingly high numbers of children were being home educated. A number of families that have chosen not to engage with the local authority have appropriate risk assessments in place to monitor children’s welfare. For the majority of children who are home educated, home educators are in touch with the local authority and receive a range of useful information, advice and support.


Overall grade Requires Improvement

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