Ofsted inspection home education quotes Sep – Dec 2017

Home education quotes in Ofsted inspection reports (children’s services safeguarding) September to December 2017, representing the last in the cycle of Single Inspection Framework [SIF] inspections.

Click here for Ofsted guidance to inspectors about home education.  (Many inspection reports do not appear to follow this guidance)

NB from 2018 Ofsted will switch to a new inspection system, ILACS, which is explained here.

North East Lincolnshire 25/09/17

Effective and clear procedures are in place to support children and their families who are electively home educated (EHE). The number of registered EHE children is 165 and has increased each year. Good efforts have been made to understand the reasons for this rise, and a recent Local Safeguarding Children Board audit pointed to unresolved issues with the school and/or levels of anxiety in children about key transition points. It is too early to see the impact of the action plan drawn up in response to this audit. All children are regularly reviewed when academic progress and emotional well-being are discussed. Good links are in place with the local college, and increasing numbers of former EHE children are attending the 14 to 16 provision at the college. The young person’s support service provides advice and guidance to all EHE pupils about suitable post-16 provision. Children are supported well to reintegrate into mainstream provision or further education.  https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/local-authorities/north-east-lincolnshire overall rating Good

South Tyneside 24/11/17

Effective and clear procedures are in place to support children who are home educated and their families. Currently, 68 children are being electively home educated. Each registered family is visited twice a year, when the progress of children is assessed, guidance and support are offered and alternatives suggested if this is appropriate. https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/local-authorities/south-tyneside overall rating Good 

Shropshire 24/11/17

Home education not mentioned in report                                                      https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/local-authorities/shropshire     overall rating Good  

Poole 24/11/17

Good arrangements are in place to monitor children who are electively home educated and those who go missing from education. Home visits are carried out to assess arrangements to protect and safeguard children and ensure that they are receiving a good education. There is swift follow-up where there is non-compliance.                             https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/local-authorities/poole   overall rating Requires Improvement

Camden 24/11/17

Parents who wish to educate their children at home are able to access appropriate support to provide their children with a suitable education. Efforts to ensure that children are safe are pursued and managed appropriately.                                                   https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/local-authorities/camden      overall rating Good

Richmond Upon Thames 08/12/17

Children missing education (CME) are well reviewed and risk-assessed. Effective action has led to a reduction in the number of CME over the last two years. However, the local authority acknowledges that the oversight of the quality of education provided for children and young people who are beingelectively home educated is not sufficiently robust and has appropriate plans in place to address this                                                    https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/local-authorities/richmond-upon-thames   overall rating Good

Blackburn 08/12/17

The approach to children missing education is good. The local authority has recently revised its protocol and reporting arrangements with partner schools. Daily monitoring of the register of children missing education takes place, with an evaluation of referrals and assessment of risk ensuring an appropriate response. There are effective links between professionals, with good systems established for monitoring children missing from home and those at risk of sexual exploitation. The local authority is persistent in ascertaining the reasons for elective home education. Staff scrutinise the plans of parents to ensure that arrangements are suitable, and check to establish whether the child or their family have known vulnerabilities.https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/local-authorities/blackburn-darwen overall rating Good


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