Schools Bill Finishing In Lords And Reaching Commons

It has been announced that Report stage for the Schools Bill will take place on Tuesday July 12th and Monday July 18th. The significance of this is that Report is the penultimate stage in the House of Lords and precedes Third Reading which concludes proceedings in the Lords. The Bill is then able to have its First Reading in the House of Commons. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE REGISTRATION CLAUSES WERE AMENDED SUBSTANTIALLY FOR THE BETTER FOLLOWING REPORT STAGE IN THE HOUSE OF LORDS ON JULY 18TH, ALSO THAT THE CLAUSES NUMBERS ARE ALL NOW DIFFERENT. UP TO DATE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND VIA THE #SCHOOLSBILL TAG

NB events moved on after I wrote this. Report did take place on 12.7.22 and 18.7.22 and the Bill was amended and reprinted after Report. Third Reading in the Lords is now not till September. Report stage gives all members of the Lords a further opportunity to examine and make amendments to a bill. Before Report stage begins, amendments are gathered together and placed in order, then published in the marshalled list. Any member of the Lords can take part and votes (also known as “divisions” on any amendments may take place.

After Report stage, the bill is reprinted to include all the amendments agreed at report. The Bill then moves to Third Reading which is a final chance for the Lords to discuss and amend the Bill before it goes to the Commons.

NB the Schools Bill has been reprinted to incorporate amendments made during committee but the only differences for the CNIS register etc in Part 3 are firstly that the page numbering has moved from starting at page 40 to starting at page 41, PLUS an extra clause has been added prior to Part 3 so that the original registration clause 48 now becomes clause 49. Otherwise all contents of 436B to Q etc plus line references within the pages are the same.

It should be noted that the second date given for Report in the Lords is only 3 days before parliamentary recess. which suggests it is unlikely there would be time for Third Reading before recess although I understand there is nothing in the rules preventing this from happening.

Once the Schools Bill moves to the House of Commmons, serious debate and challenge would not usually be expected until Second Reading. As explained here and here Second Reading is the first opportunity for MPs to debate the general principles and themes of the Bill.

The current parliamentary calendar indicates that parliament returns on September 5th but then takes a break (“rises”) from September 22nd to October 17th because of party conferences.



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