Government Amending CNIS Register Schools Bill

Amendments to the CNIS Register for Report stage have been put forward by the Education Minister in the Lords. Report is currently scheduled for July 12th and 18th and the proposals for compulsory registration of children not in school are currently to be found at clause 49 onwards, although this numbering will change again once earlier clauses are removed as the government has said re 1-18. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE REGISTRATION CLAUSES WERE AMENDED SUBSTANTIALLY FOR THE BETTER FOLLOWING REPORT STAGE IN THE HOUSE OF LORDS ON JULY 18TH, ALSO THAT THE CLAUSES NUMBERS ARE ALL NOW DIFFERENT. UP TO DATE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND VIA THE #SCHOOLSBILL TAG

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The information in this post is taken from the running list of amendments dated July 6th via this page and the clause numbering reflects the updated Bill following committee rather than the Bill as originally published. . As I explained in an earlier post, the only amendments which are guaranteed to be taken forward are those proposed by the government.

The main effect is i/ to narrow the scope of “any other information” (the biggest change, in my view); ii/ limit publication of the register with respect to identifying details; iii/ provide for greater scrutiny of regulations via the affirmative procedure

This was further explained in a letter to peers which was deposited at the end of the first week in July.



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