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Home Education Birmingham Scrutiny Committee

Education and Vulnerable Children Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 20 January 2016 (Wed, 20th Jan 2016 – 2:00 pm)

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AEHEP committee members

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Chatham House and the Stafford meeting

Now that the official notes from the Stafford AEHEP meeting last month are supplemented by Tricia Farey’s notes and EO’s notes, the drawbacks – or advantages depending on your perspective – of the Chatham House Rule are becoming apparent, particularly when the meeting involves only a small number of people and their identities have become public knowledge. Continue reading

pros and cons of ways to write up a meeting

I keep being asked about different ways a meeting might be written up – prompted by the national body for local authority home education professionals [AEHEP] meeting with ‘EHE support groups’ in Stafford last month.

I thought I’d set out the pros and cons of the main options here as I see it. Continue reading

AEHEP meeting Stafford April 24th 2015

At the start of the meeting it was stated that the Chatham House Rule would apply. This is taken to mean that the people who attended the meeting cannot be identified unless they have stated themselves to be participants. In addition, views expressed cannot be attributed to an individual. A person attending the meeting can however report what he or she said.
Tricia expressed concern about secrecy and questioned how home educators could pass on their views/questions if they don’t know who is attending. Continue reading