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Upper Tribunal SEN Case Can Home be Placement in EHCP

The Upper Tribunal recently considered an appeal on the Education Health and Care Plan for a young man in East Sussex [LINK]. The judgment included the following:

“Theo’s home is where he lives. It is not a proper use of language to say that his home is somewhere ‘to be attended by’ him. Nor is it a proper use of the word to describe his home as an institution, whatever the specific meaning of that word” 

Specialist solicitor Ed Duff has commented that “The issue of whether home tuition can be named in an EHCP is new. The Education Act specifically permitted it. The Upper Tribunal has noted that the Children and Families Act has no equivalent provision enabling home tuition to be named.” 

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Finding Special Educational Needs Data

There is no single page on GOV.UK which contains links to all relevant statistics on special educational needs. The main SEN statistics page is missing a direct link to tribunals and only has partial data on school absence and exclusion. The presentation of data became more fragmented in 2015.

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How to find local authority statements not transferred to Plans

Last week I made a web page of facts and figures about special educational needs in England taken from the Government’s Statistical First Release issued at the end of May. One of the things I looked at was progress in transferring statements to Education Health and Care Plans and noted that in some local authority areas, more statements have been ceased at the point of transfer than have been successfully transferred to EHCPs. This is how I worked it out.  Continue reading

Leicester Home Education Policy


Leicester City Council is considering whether it needs to make changes to its Elective Home Education Policy and has asked for comments by April 29th 2016. It is important to note that the council hasn’t produced a new draft, rather it is asking for comments on the current Policy. Continue reading