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Compulsory Registration Children Not In School – Parents Duties

This post focuses on what Part 3 of the Schools Bill says after being amended on Report July 18th about parents’ duties in respect of compulsory registration of children not in school. (This post is not exhaustive – scroll to the end to see a list of what is NOT COVERED.)

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Registration Discussed in Schools Bill House of Lords Committee

On Monday June 20th 2022 Committee of the House of Lords reached Day 4 of the Schools Bill. Peers debated the proposals for compulsory registration of children not in school. This post unpacks what was said. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE REGISTRATION CLAUSES WERE AMENDED SUBSTANTIALLY FOR THE BETTER FOLLOWING REPORT STAGE IN THE HOUSE OF LORDS ON JULY 18TH, ALSO THAT THE CLAUSES NUMBERS ARE ALL NOW DIFFERENT. UP TO DATE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND VIA THE #SCHOOLSBILL TAG

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