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Opting Out of Children’s Social Care Laws, Send Views to Committee Before Jan 10th

The Government is proposing a modified version of the ‘power to test different ways of working’ (ie opt out of children’s social care legislation) which will be discussed by a  Committee of MPs on January 10th 2017 when Minister Edward Timpson will speak to a series of amendments to the Children and Social Work Bill in the form of new clauses to the Bill (full details HERE)

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Dylan Seabridge Child Practice Review July 2016

The Concise Child Practice Review  into Dylan Seabridge’s death was published on July 8th 2016. (These replaced Serious Case Reviews in Wales a few years ago)  The Review makes it clear that the family was not “hidden” but that information was not evaluated  appropriately and was not shared with the relevant professionals. The Review also finds that procedures were followed. Continue reading

taking home education out of the equation in Dylan Seabridge case

What does it look like if you take home education out of the equation in the Dylan Seabridge case?

Were members of the children’s workforce in Pembrokeshire hampered by local protocols suggesting that parental consent was required before they could investigate concerns? Continue reading