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Welsh Assembly discusses Dylan Seabridge

The Welsh Assembly had a debate on safeguarding children in Pembrokeshire following the Dylan Seabridge case.

Assembly Members said there should be a truly independent review (not just the council reviewing itself) and also that opportunities were missed by professionals.
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Local Safeguarding Children Board Serious Case Reviews

Local Safeguarding Children Boards are now chaired by people who are independent of the local authority. This is to correct problems which arose in the past from having the Director of Children’s Services chairing the board which was meant to hold the authority to account.

However, the Chair is only required for 2-3 days a month, so Chairs can pick up more than one board and this this gives some individuals a great deal of influence. Several Boards are currently  advertising for an Independent Chair. The typical day rate is £600. As far as I can make out, between them, 32 Independent Chairs are responsible for 75 Boards, with 9 chairing 3 Boards each and 1 chairing 4 Boards.

Does this small world have an impact on who is commissioned to write Serious Case Reviews?

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regulation out of school settings MPs objections

A parliamentary debate about regulating out of school settings took place in Westminster Hall on January 20th 2016.

Points to note: far more MPs than the usual Westminster Hall debate; concerted backbench opposition from the Government’s own party; and rare cross-party agreement from Labour, the DUP, and the SNP, mainly united by a faith background.

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taking home education out of the equation in Dylan Seabridge case

What does it look like if you take home education out of the equation in the Dylan Seabridge case?

Were members of the children’s workforce in Pembrokeshire hampered by local protocols suggesting that parental consent was required before they could investigate concerns? Continue reading


On Wednesday January 20th 2016 Sir Edward Leigh MP has secured a debate in Westminster Hall  on the proposed regulation of out-of-school education settings. It starts at 9.30. The Parliament TV link is here   can be used for writing to MPs Continue reading