AEHEP committee members

Regional Groups Nominated Representatives
West Midlands Jenny Dodd Staffordshire 
  Kate Clegg Worcestershire 
Yorkshire & Humber Fiona Lowery Doncaster 
  Venetta Buchanan Sheffield
North East Jill Varney Northumberland 
  Jeffrey Lough Newcastle 
North West Lawrence Warburton Blackburn with Darwen 
  Frances Molloy Lancashire 
South West David Harvey Hampshire 
  Tony Waller Somerset 
East Region Anna Shaw Hertfordshire 
  Vivien Trundell Buckinghamshire 
LHEO Penny Stephen Hounslow 
  Elaine Grant Croydon 

12 thoughts on “AEHEP committee members

  1. Fiona Nicholson Post author

    I haven’t been invited to any meetings since the one I couldn’t go to last April. I sort of assumed that there hadn’t been any more meetings like that but…I guess there might have been.


  2. Kelly

    From the notes Iv seen from that 1st meeting there should have been a meeting in June that’s all I know but don’t know who was invited & when I saw this list I assumed it was to do with that meeting


  3. Fiona Nicholson Post author

    The June 2015 meeting must have happened because they were only going to give me the committee members list after that meeting. The June 2015 meeting was just LA people, or at least I assume it was. And then there must have been an AGM and it must have been October, and again I assume just LA people. That’s probably it, if they have their meetings quarterly, unless they had one in the early New Year.



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